Monday, 21 October 2013

The Men's Shoe Guide 101

Am doing something unusual today, stepping out of my comfort zone. I love to challenge myself and this piece right here is one of the many challenges I am taking on. Now, like I said before this blog is more of inspirational and motivating in all aspect of fashion and style, both in female...and male fashion. Its focus is not just on the women but men as well, and who knows I just might come up with useful kiddies style tips too in the So I thought long and hard on how to draw in the male audience and win some of them on to subscribing to my blog; meaning I have to really pull their attention and get them to the point where they want to see what this blogger feels she knows about what we "Men" want or need...pretty tough might I add #Phew .So I decided to focus on those key things men don't take for granted when it comes to making that bold, powerful statement and unlike women whose got a lot to worry about, talk about the hair, the nails, the under garment, the bag, the shoes, the dress, the jewellery ...boy the list is endless, its really not has complicated and cumbersome for our sexy men. Well, unfortunately labels are almost a must when a man's look need to count though not necessarily but other than clothes a man's wrist watch, belts, eyewear and shoes can tell how stylish a man is or the impression and statements he leaves behind. Remember I am taking baby steps when it comes to men fashion , so I decided to do this piece on men's shoes and a sort of guide to getting it right. I hope this ends up helpful and puts some confidence in a man's bounce. *winks

So when it comes to shoes, any kind as a matter of fact, both male and female, identifying the right style is top most priority. Lets start up by choosing the right style
1.suits, 2.comfortable, weather, 4.bad weather, 5.jeans, 6.shorts, 7.chinos, 8.socks

There are 4 kinds of Shoes that these eight options determines what kind to be spotted on on certain days and occasion.

THE DRESS SHOES are basically for work and formal events
The Oxford, Derby/blucher and the Slip On shoes are appropriate kind of shoes when it comes to work, corporate events, weddings and formal functions.
The Oxford is known for its cap toe, closed lacing and plain

while the Derby/Blucher is a bit less formal than the oxford but works as well.

The Slip On comes in at least 3 styles, "moccasin, tussels and the monk strap" and far lesser formal look than the first two.
Also the right style for these shoes are Suits, worn with Socks and Comfortable.

THE CASUAL SHOES are for vacations, weekends, chilled out Friday casuals etc.

Shoes like the Boat shoes come in soft canvas or leather.

The saddle Shoe, which kind of looks like the oxford shoes, is a casual kind, usually in 2 tones and has a retro feel to its look.

Then there is the Leather, heavy soled shoes, usually chunky and abit above the ankle.

Then the Slip on shoes too, yes! though its got a thicker sole than the "dress slip on" and is most of the time without lace.

The most comfortable of these range is the sandals, easy to wear, extremely comfortable , if you get a nice fitted pair. Usually opened toes and if its just slip on sandals its comes with the Sturdy Sole.
The right style for these shoes are usually, hot weather, very comfortable, worn with jeans, shorts, chinos, with socks and like the leather heavy sole good for bad weather.

THE ATHLETIC SHOES (sports and casual wears)

This basically are shoes fit for the gym, rubber soled, lace ups and they come in 2 different style, the high and the low. Shoes such as canvas, basketball, running, tennis etc. They are most good on jeans, shorts, chinos, with socks, and are right on when it comes to comfy.

Now these are good for formal and informal occasions seeing that there is a cut for each function.

There is the walking boot which is light weight, good ankle support and thick sturdy sole like the work boot as well which is long lasting.

The Dress boots are usually more slim fitting, lace up, leather and a cap toe with a slight heel while the casual boot is in a much softer leather, lace up and usually ankle length.
These are good for suits, chinos, preferable worn with socks and works well with jeans.

Colours always add life to our appearance that's why choosing the right colour should be as important to the men like its a huge deal for the women and fashion in general.
BROWN is a neutral colour (except black), its formal and non formal, its definitely a must have.
BLACK is Formal and best worn with black colours, deeper colours and rich vibrant colours.
BURGUNDY has a softer look, its playful but a lot of confidence needed to go with this and the best colours that compliment it are grey colours, navy blue colours and blacks.
And when it comes to other colours, remember to play with tomes, white great for summer and pair bright colours with neutral outfits.

Now I mentioned SOCKS were good when wearing some of these but there are also rules to this too.
Only wear white socks for sports, Plain thinner dress socks for dress shoes and if you can match socks colour with trouser colour. Please do avoid socks when wearing shorts outside the gym, odd socks are a no no.

Finally, make sure your shoes fit perfectly well, try on both shoes and make sure you stand up and walk around when doing this. Also the 3 indicator for a good fit are:
1.Heels are not too tight and can slip out slightly
2.Toes lie flat in shoes
3.Ball of foot sits comfortable in the widest part of the shoe.

To make your shoes last, store shoes on wooden tree at room temperature
Clean shoes monthly
and Resole or reheel regularly to prevent any permanent damage.


chukwuma nkwontah said...

Hmmm insightful no doubt.. but I don't agree with the sock part.. and how come there wasn't any info on were we can get these items...
Applauses thouu

halima musa said...

thanks Chukuma for checking my blog out and your comment has been noted. will try and work on adding where one can get stuff posted. Thanks for your ideas. stay blessed.