Saturday, 2 November 2013


One of the fashion accessory every woman harms themselves with is the Red Shoe. Its one of the fashion item you would find in almost every lady's closet and I don't need to state the obvious reason why this is so, you want to leave a bold fashion statement, this bad girl (Red Shoe) is sure guaranteed to get the job done. Unfortunately like everything in fashion, rules do apply to rocking these because it has the tendency of going from classy to tacky in just an instance of mismatching or pairing wrongly. Now am sure most of you are familiar with some of these rules but for those who don't, lets enlighten...winks*

When choosing the right red shoes, you might want to keep these tips in mind.
1st and top most rule is be careful when wearing a red shoe, paring with to many sexy item on is an over kill, go minimal. We want to be aiming for classy and yes sexy BUT!...not trashy.

You really want to tone down when wearing a red pumps, but for fun at work and even a quick dash to the store, friend's place, a stroll, red plums are great even flats are good to go.

Because its likely to be one of your favourite pair and I know how sexy heels can be especially super high, it would be way more advisable to go average or low heel red pumps. One of the best attribute about the red shoe is its good for both dressy and casual.

Just cause its RED doesn't mean it has to be super red hot. Try different shades of red, deeper shades of red has as much effect too.

Don't overkill it, its ok and advisable to match your red shoe with neutrals, black, nude, grey, navy, white etc. With the introduction of colour blocking, sometimes tone it down especially when it cones to bright red.

Talking about colour blocking, red goes well with orange and pink, that's doing it right.

One of the rules is...avoid bright red on bright green! its said to make one look like a Christmas tree, too seasonal. Amazon green, bottle green, olive green, avocado green etc are shades of green that compliments the colour red more.

Pair your red shoe with polka dots or pinstripe trousers, works magic and leaves a wonderful stylish and chic statement.

I always say Red + casual = Totally Stylish ...especially when it comes to denim. Its just an easy way to add edge, colour and a twist of sophistication to your look and style any given day.

Don't wear your red shoes with little trashy pieces and this is because of its already sexy reputation, wearing them with cut off denim shorts or super sexy revealing short garments only makes you look more of trashy than sexier. Trying too hard replaces the look of confidence when this happens.

There is no need to adorn yourself with red accessories just because you are trying to match your shoes. A red piece or two in all your ensemble is just ok, a red bag or neck piece, or scarf is ok, anything other than two items on you to compliment your shoes will just be too much. A few red accessories looks coordinated, but no need to take it way too bold.