Thursday, 17 October 2013


Now am a lengthy wavy human hair kind of gal, I do love my weaves but recently i have notice the natural hair trend or women getting weaves to give them that natural hair look, from the natural twist to the afro kinky to the good old natural unpermed hair even down to chopping all their hair off. Are women now going back to their African roots or its just another wildly accepted trend? Its not a recent look that I must say but it seems to be spotted around quiet abit. Is it that the human weave extensions are getting more expensive or they just getting boring, or is it that its a certain group of women that are wearing this look or its just about identifying with a certain style, well whatever it is its looking good and going viral.

Because my blog isn't just about putting stuff out their but making it as real as possible, motivating and inspiring real people to tap into all sort of fashion and style tips and trend out there, I have 3 wonderful friends who has given me the privilege to share part of their life with you when it comes to this hair trend.

Meet Abby, shes one of my best friends and she rocks this look most of her time and I wanted to share her lovely style with you. Abby lives in the state and is a visual merchandiser in New York for a high end department store.

Then there is my lovely friend, Teminikan , she lives in Dublin and indeed one of the stylish mom I have come to know and this hair trend is one she rocks all too well.

Lastly, its an honour to be sharing her style, a blogger as myself, Ngozi is the brains behind the fashion and style blog "Dressed" its chic, stylish and all about fashion and for new exciting and fresh looks log on to She as well is one gal who should I say expresses the black girl rock look.

These women have taught me a thing or two and maybe...just maybe I will be putting out a post of me rocking this look as well...winks*


Teminikan said...

Niceeee one foxxy mama..awaiting u rocking the afro look.

iphy said...

natural hair is so in right now@ foxxy. planning to try out d afro look too.#wink#

Ngozi M said...

Thanks for the feature babe! Abby's hair is a dream, lovely.

mrs oyewo said...

Awwww,lovely piecse,i particularly love teminikan's weave,but afro or natural hair are high maintenance *sighs*cos once its dry,its awful,will try it out soon