Tuesday, 15 October 2013


"I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity-all I hope for in all my clothes" Yves Saint-Laurent

I can totally related with YSL, cause we all know how far Denim has come and still, season after season its still one of the most looks that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Just when we still in awe of its diversity, I found more denim tips you should dip into. Don't you just love Denims? lol

One of the new rising look is the Soft Chambray. For clarity Chambray actually means produced from cotton or synthetic fibres, basically plain woven in checkered or stripped patterns. Usually made from blue and white yarns use to make shirts , dresses etc. Chambray is a white weft and indigo wrap to create a fabric that looks similar to denim but so much more lighter.

Pairing it up with denim trousers is one of the hot new denim look, gives a good double denim style look

The denim Jacket is looking a lot boxy now. To make it stylish pair up with skinny jeans and balance it out by giving it volume with spiky high heels, so the whole ensemble compliments one another.

just cause it reads denim doesn't mean it has got to be all shades of blue. Another denim tip is if its slim around the ankle, friendly in the waist and yes black, then try it.

Also the over all denim, yes still here and trending. you just might want to keep it more fitted than overly oversized.

Then there is the cropped relax fit denim look. Pairs well with chunky heels.

we had the troubled/distress denim, these days the extreme ripped denim are turning up everywhere. punch in slightly smaller holes and rips, better on smart separates and play with the accessories.

And lastly the patchwork denim is a new denim trend. Whether you are going for a quilt patch or just two tones just make sure you are pairing with simple, dark basics.

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