Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Today its about headwear and the Fedora Hat in particular. I saw this trend on tv and how its become one of the must wear trend now and decided to do a little more digging. So, after much surfing around I found out that this trend was first strictly a woman's fashion many centuries ago before men were seen adapting the trend. Also some feminist blogs have said there is really nothing wrong with this trend just that men wearing it was not cool, personally I wonder what grudge is brewing there (lol) but moving on, this trend has been spotted on men and they seem to be doing it much justice.

Now, I realised its not the most recent style of headwear for either men or women, nor is it by any means universally considered likable or stylish but yet over time it's said to have been a persistently worn piece of clothing. The new trend of fedora hats offer a more stylish look far from what it use
to be in the past. Its been proven that it works a bit of magic to however you choose to wear it, both for men and women. From informal to dressy, its adds some trendy flair to whatever ensemble. From an evening suit to jeans and a t-shirt and something in between, these caps can quickly complete any look.

Basically the new rang of Fedora hats has proven it is indeed a look that can work for both male and female. If you are on trying to be on a budget or one who want to buy out the best of quality every, like every other thing, these headwear come in both categories.

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