Friday, 18 October 2013


So my sister is one person I know who is mightily obsessed with shoe, bags, jewellery...and more SHOES. Well, recently she just discovered a brand of shoe and I couldn't help but notice them too and realized the creator has been in business and making extra ordinary shoes since the 1980's. What fascinates me with this shoes is its structure and of course how women are gifted to balance on these heel or walk in them, they are the Walter Steiger Unicorn shoes. They are known for its signature bow-shaped heel, some covered in studs, designed with a metal finish and covered in crinkle fabric. The Unicorn I must agree are pretty intimidating but am sure mega crazy shoe lovers will have no issue stepping into one of Walters Unicorn creation.

This brand varies from all sorts, sling backs, the peep toes, ankle boots even to wedges. its just has its signature look, name your pick and you are sure to find one that matches. Its been said that these heels are everything to make a woman look like a predator, judging by the pictures I couldn't agree more.

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I think i can rock longs balanced to me.

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halima musa said...

Thanks first of all for supporting my blog dear. They are indeed shoes one should just have a pair or