Monday, 14 October 2013


Yes I do love the Loubis(Christian Louboutins), I think they are sexy and stylish, don't have beef with the price tag either, quality don't come cheap so lets not try and go into making things affordable for all. One of my fun and favourite quote was from Marilyn Monroe, something about whoever invented shoes, all girls round the world should be grateful. I am thinking the Victoria Beckhams', the KimKs', the Beyoncé's' etc as well as most women of the world are pretty happy gals thanks to the creator of the all so fun and colourful range of Red Soles out there.

Now I didn't just pick to blog about the already famous loubis but I realise that for every fashion pictures I glance through, 9 out of 10 a red sole is spotted but one in particular caught my eye and if I make that much money I will not hesitate to buy one for myself proudly...I guess soon too #winks. So its the Nude colour Louboutin that I have always been in love with and when I think its going to soon go out of trend, its spotted on almost every fashion or style icon you can think of. one of our African celeb that has done this pair so much justice and personally if not the only reason I seem to be falling in love with her, is Yvonne Nelson.

So laying on my bed, checking out all the nude soles I could spot in these pictures I decided to dig deeper and find great content to put this piece out and boy was I in luck. Recently Christian Louboutin due to the talks that his first product of the nude shade louboutin was said to fit more of the white skinned woman and in some worth considered racist, just three days ago 5 range of Nude tone louboutins were lauched, a new collection called "Les Nudes", Its basically new nude hues to match more skin tones, from "fair blush" to " rich cheasnut" .

The creator himself spoke on these new nudes as being all about leg-lengthing asethetics and I quote
"these shoes are there to give the woman an extra lift, not to take attention away the legs and what she is wearing. They disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of her legs, as in sketch, elongating the silhouette"
It is said that the Fifi, a round toe court is going at the rate of £395 while the Flo(peep toe) is at £525, which is already in the brand's mount street in London and soon available online.

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