Sunday, 23 March 2014


This is why i love the world of DIY creations...Shining CD Collar!


The recent fashion buzz when it comes to colours are the sweet pastel hues, be it in blouses, pants, purses, shoes, nails and yes even hairdos are going from regular black, brown, blondes to stricks or even full coloured out shades of pastel. From laying different shades of them to one piece of any shade to different tones of the same particular pastel eespecially in different fabrics, be it lace, satin, silk, you name it, they are everywhere.

These famous hues are huge on the runways and the streets cant seem to get enough of them, in patterns, florals, plains , checks, plaids , its goes on non stop. So here are the top 10 trendiest of everything pastel

10 trendy colors 2014

Light blue pastel shade Placid Blue. Hue of the sky, reflecting the calm and serenity. Excellent combines with any pastel shades and classic colors.

Lavender shade Violet Tulip, Đ¾very romantic and vintage shade, evokes nostalgic memories. Very feminine spring shade.

Light green, almost pistachio, Hemlock, with that kind oriental touch. Gives perfection to the look, it is very different from the trendy mint and emerald hues with its tenderness. All three of these shades go perfectly with each other and with more bright colors.

Beige, a color of coffee with milk Sand, as Pantone‘s designers describe it – “a lightly toasted and amiable neutral, conjures images of the beach and the carefree days of summer.” This shade will look great with Hemlock green.

Gray shade Paloma – the most that neither is neutral. As the saying goes, and in the feast, and in the world. It will look excellent as solo, as well creates a balanced look in combination with other colors.

Coral red Cayenne looks like it brings a note of “spice” to the dominance of neutral and pastel shades. Perfectly complements each of these shades.

Bright sunny Freesia, “a blazing yellow”, also continues to be a hit. I already wrote about trendy yellow dresses, it’s nice that so radiant color will not be forgotten in the next season.

Kinda continuing the theme of the sun, “in the battle” comes orange Celosia Orange. The bright, neon shade of orange. Designers Pantone advised to combine it with Violet Tulip. It will be a blast!

Another shade of purple palette – Radiant Orchid, a little more pink than its pastel colleague Violet Tulip, closer in tone to the shade of fuchsia. Perfectly complements the neutral shades.

Light blue shade Placid Blue also has a “brother in spectrum” in the pantheon of the trendiest colors – more dark Dazzling Blue. It is stronger and more bright than it’s calm pastel “colleague”.

Check out some trends below:

Buy anything in this hues and be fashion forward as always...winks