Wednesday, 2 October 2013


If anything, am a huge fan of DIYs. I believe its one of the highest point of creativity, basically cost nothing; mostly requires old stuff you already have at home and also its FUN. Going through some of my favourite sites I say some cool DIY(Do It Yourselves} tricks and i decided why not share once again. Now some of these I've known years back and am sure most of you would too but hey lets just have fun with it.

So the first would be the DIY hair buns. We do know they have the ready to wear buns in stores which yeah is quick and easy to wear but what happens when you cant get to the store to purchase one or just bad luck you cant quiet remember where you kept it . Well here is a quick way to still get your bun. All required are these:
A tube sock, hair elastic bands and bobby pins

first you would want to cut out the feet of your tub socks.

Now follow these steps

Another DIY trick is so simple and quiet stylish. We all got that great bum shorts we wish we would fit in for the rest of our life but sadly you just packed in a few pounds and it just isn't comfortable anymore. well check this out, get a scissor out, a few yards of lace or crochet even Ankara, it all depends on your preference and follow these steps.

Ok so this you have got to love, very creative. Required are an old shirt, a brouch and sewing kit. you got your self a nice piece of collar neck piece.

Now this has got to be my favourite and I have to be honest this is a new craft I just learnt. This was tag from TRASH TO COUTURE where I found it and I couldn't agree more. Get you old tees or tanks out, a few yards of lace or crochet and get to creating this awesome piece.
cut side seams and sleeves off, Sew front to back right side together.
Also remember to leave a armhole space.

More DIYs to be revealed soon.

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