Saturday, 14 September 2013


We all know how fashion has evolved over the years, much as new trends and style as well has the rules of fashion changes from time to time so has the size of fashion and style progressed too. What do I mean when I say size in this context, well curvy women have embraced fashion like never before and are creating a revolution that is being embraced all over the world now. Big curvaceous women have decided to take a spot in d fashion industry by every inch possible. Saying no to the idea that fashion has no or little room for them when it comes to style, and like I said they are taking it bigger and curvy all the step of the way.
I for one am a lover of style and trend and so my passion for big curvy trend I realize is on the rise on a regular, this has been cause of the plus size trend and style in recent time. I am amazed at what these women put together and I must say it's impeccable, all goes to show tat as an individual, regardless of what body shape your are, first you must learn to love what you are working with and learning what accentuates your curves best and trust me you'll be buying out your closet. But before I take you into the world of spot on impeccable big curvaceous style and trends, here are some pictures I stumbled upon of how beautiful being plus size is...remember we are learning to work with what we've got#winks Enjoy.

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