Friday, 27 September 2013


8. Foundation. Most women make the mistake when it comes to foundation, no matter how much you apply, its not going to look less terrible if you don't get the right colour. So the trick here is picking which blends not with your face...yes you heard me right but with you neck seeing that your neck doesn't get much sunlight compared to your face.

9. For the fuller lips...if its your preference, you would want to slightly line your lips outside its natural line. Now keep in mind the word SLIGHTLY, we don't want you over doing it now.

10. When it comes to the right eyebrow shape, well there isn't such thing as the right shape, it really just depends on understanding which best goes with your facial features. I use to think sharpening your eyebrows weren't a big deal or add to your beauty but it is the frame of your face and like contouring, it is said that every eyebrow and thickness soften your face.

11. Remember the mascara wand, well they are a lot useful even after drying up. No need to toss them away. You can wash and reuse them as eyebrow brushes and even to add abit colour to your eyebrows.

12. To make your lipstick last and to give you that matte look, after applying your coat place tissue over your lips and apply powder over it.

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