Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Now for those who didn't know, i'm a huge Rihanna fan. I make it a priority to follow her success and career cos it inspires me. Rihanna commonly known as RiRi, in june launched her summer retro matte "RiRi Heart Mac Collection" beauty product. It included punchy lipsticks and shimmery bronzer, One of her popular beauty brand was the "RiRiWoo lipstick" which was reported to have sold out under 3 hours after being put on shelves...we do love us our RiRi(lol), Also to that was the addition of 2 shades The Berry coloured Heaux and the lovely Lavender RiRi Boy hue.

It was reported that after the success of her summer collection, RiRi and Mac will be creating a new falls collection, so more goodies just a few days away. As it is reported that her beauty glow will include a rose gold liquid bronzer with a powder blush duo. All of this will be out October 3rd 2913, so be sure to be expecting a wide range of 20 fabulous products from eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras coupled with her signature lipsticks, if you are a fan you can't have missed her wearing some of these shades on pics she frequently posts on instagram.

So Last night RiRi Posted these pictures on instagram, so I though lets share once again...winks

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