Thursday, 16 February 2012

Colors are known as one thing that puts life in any picture or in the most important things in our lives. It touches life,tells a story, people see things clearer when you add colors to it,they realate to things better and it has helped and is a major decision factor in our lives. Fashion considers colors as the key to creating fashion lines and new designs. They are not physical things like our clothes and shoes but they do play major roles when it comes to shopping for the best and latest trend.

Pantone is the major company who at the beginning of any fashion season, lays out the upcoming color shades that will aid the designers in their launch of new designs. This season 2012 they have come up with the top fashion colors like the Pink Flambé,a delicious, vibrant pink with a bit of heat to it, vivacious and enticing Tangerine Tango for an ongoing retro feeling,Ultramarine Green, a deep, cooling blue-green. Honey Gold, a mellow, burnished yellow and Olympian Blue.

Judging from the run ways these are the colors that are inspiring the designers this 2012.

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