Sunday, 22 September 2013


So it's all about keeping it fashion foward and like always I was on the look out for stylish trends. I ran into 10 must haves and frankly there were some trends amongst these 10 I found would just be outright ridiculous in this part of our world, so I narrowed it down to what we can work with.

Here goes:

1. Print silk/chiffon shirt
Awwww... if anything, this piece would add to your feminity and can be worn with anything, from suits to denim. It is truly a most have for 2013.

2. Box Clutch
I agree, make the switch from the regular hand purse to a compact box clutch. No more fishing through your purse for your lipstick. Plus I have seen these around a lot so it's def a trend to own.

3. It was tagged "the slogan sweater"
I think you can settle for a slogan tee too, seeing that this part of our region is usually hot. But basically it's letting your sweater or tee do all the talking, plus it's a fun trend. Try it!

4. Now I honestly don't think anyone needs to let you in on this particular trend, it's glamorous and chic if u ask me. It's the chunky gold necklace. Add this to the simplest of outfit and it makes the most noticeable statement ever. it screams CHIC!

5. The bold cuffs is one to rock if you want that tough ladylike look, this does the magic. But remember, you would want to go minimal on every other jewellery you pair with

6. The metallic sneakers. Now I added this cause I appreciate anything that still makes a statement when I choose not to wear heels. So give your gorg heels a break and team this comfy kicks with your outfit, from denim to short dresses, for a laid back day. Pretty sure it will go with amlost everything you've got.


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