Sunday, 22 September 2013


So one of the things about style and fashion that can never be taken away is its ever changing nature, which personally I think is the whole beauty of it in totality. Imagine your style always the same, all year for your whole life, a whole lot of boring wouldn't you say? I personally would says my whole purpose in life would def be grey.

So its for this reason I love to do what am doing right now, blogging about the changes and amazing switch in fashion and style I come across or stumble upon. Today I decided to do this for the Little White Dress. Move over LBDs9Little Black Dress) the LWDs are taking over, now don't get me wrong the LBD will always be a classic and always remain in style but for a fresh look the LWD is the fashion trend taking the spotlight for now. The beauty of it is that you can class it up by what you throw on it, and also wear it as a casual day dress and still give you that fresh young look. so I'll be sharing with you what I'v learnt on how to wear the right LWD for you. Now keep in mind that with the LWD there are no rules to where to wear them to EXPCET! of course to a wedding as this is a NO! NO! need taking the attention from the bride, its her

Now lets have fun with it

First and foremost you need to pick the right LWD. Basically its picking the right white for your skin tone. For pale skin tones bright white shades are perfect while for darker skin tone, off whites or cream would do you more justice. Also be very sure to keep in mind that the right underwear for thin material which is see through would be whites or nude colour.

The next will be making your LWD pop. Bright colours on your LWD gives you a loud fashion statement, bright blazers, shoes, handbags theses will def add colour to your statement and such look is perfect for a time out in the town with your friends. But has much as you want to make a statement with your LWD and colours always remember you want to go easy on the brights, less is more.

Another look that works well with the pretty white dress is going metallic on it. Throwing gold , silver, metallic shades on that LWD and you'll be adding a touch of glamour to your look. Personally, pairing that LWD with gold, silver shoes I believe is the ultimate glam statement, jazz your pretty little feet up.

Now what about when you aren't going for the glamour, colourful playful look and just what the subtle side of you to come out, well to dress down you LWD add a belt at the waist can do a lot to that soft statement you are looking to make. Especially when you go for a more neutral colour like brown, add matching neutral to your bag, sandals and accessories and you are ready to make a statement look out on the beach or just a casual day hangout with your friends.

Its Black, Its White! for a classy look, throw on black accessories on your LWD. The combo always stands out and has been said to bring out the colour of your eyes even more than they appear. For a bad ass girl look, wear a black blazer with little or no embellishment over you LWD and you'll sure be sending out that chic edgy, rock n roll look.

This ia a MashUp(Denim & LWD). pair your LWD with a cropped denim jacket for thet soft country girl look, a button down denim shirt works equally well and the fun part about this look is you have a huge range of denim shades to work with, from the light to the dark shades, stone wash, patterned the list is endless. pair with neutral colours when it comes to shoes and belts.

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