Monday, 25 November 2013


There are days I really have to step out and cant decided on what to throw on and I always want to make a statement every time, which isn't as easy has it sounds. On such days I can only think of one thing to do, I throw on a white tee shirt.I was motivated when I came across an article on white tee shirts and I had to share its wonderful many ways and why they are timeless.

1. To take the hard rock look and make it soft , pair your leather jackets and pants with a white tee, gives the bad girl look but adds the soft feminine touch also well.

2. Over your white tee, throw on a military jacket and you are good to go.

3. Here is a classic look, a trench coat over your white tee, though this look here in our region might not be one widely accepted BUT! this look is timeless.

4. I have always been a sucker for graphic tees and in this case white ones are as much fun too. they can be paired with any and almost everything.

5. Get yourself a vintage tee. Vintage T Shirts are those from the old school. The pure classic styles that made it through time to still have a success story. The slightly worn look is a trendy industry style from way back.

6. Loose Fitted white tees have a way of translating the softness of a woman when worn.

7. When in the mood of wearing two strong items in a look, a white tee balances it all out leaving no room for overkill.

8. The white tee paired with a drama skirt is a bold trend, one has to be confident to pull this look off though.

9. Sleeveless white tee is a must have as well, especially one a hot day.

10. The monochrome is one of the greatest trend ever and a white tee does the trick as well, just trade your button shirts for a white tee underneath your tailored suits and without a doubt you leave a very chic statement.

11. And then lastly white tee with denim...its a fashion masterpiece. This look can never go wrong.

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