Sunday, 5 January 2014


First up, let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! yup we made it into another year and its a year with loads of possibilities and i wish you all the courage to explore every last one of them. Speaking about possibilities, fashion once again has left us with sooo many to explore in 2014...yayyyyy. So the desingers have gathered new imnproved styles and rounded them up to make our 2014 ever stylish and i must say its looking might fun. without furtherado lets get right into it shall we?

1.So i remember some time last year i put out a post on the shades that Pantone published as the hues for 2014 and the shade Blue was top on the forecast, so get ready cause 2014 will be raining blue. So when shopping and want to be in trend this year think 50 shades of BLUE, from electric blue to powder blue whatever blue just know its the top colour for 2014 so BUY IT!

2.So here's a clue for this next trend, "IF I WERE A BOY?". yup this year you get to explore what it feels like dress like a boy and loving it at the same time. You wondering what's this all about, its oversized jackets mixed with fitted pieces, keeping it tombyish!!!

3. This is one treand you would want to invest in this stylish year and its the collarless coat. Its a classic trend from the 60's and being embrassed already. Be it a suit, dress, jacket or coat remember to go collarless.

4. No matter what year you find yourself or time, there just somethings that fashion just love to bring back and that is colours, so this year bright bright colurs are in. Embrace top to toe colour, and mix block shades to really make fashion impact, nothing is too daring.

5. Metallic! need i say more? forget you'll look too shinny or like a disco ball. Shimmer, dazzle and shine in reflective silks and metallic hues.

6. Think powerful, in command, warriors, gladiators...the military trend is here and meaner than ever.Go full out military in your jumpsuits, rompers, jacket, dresses you name it modern military is one of the top trend for 2014.

7. Whatever its going to be try soft and pale. From majestic floaty kaftans to structured pastel skirts leave no limit to how you can wear your pastels. Try these Soft candyfloss hue, thinking it will leave you soft and feminine all over.

8. Floral not ordinary florals that is so last year, make them acid bright and colourfully chaotic, enough to turn heads when you walk by. This year is no time for ordinary go full out bright on your florals.

9. Fire on chic with your slouchy sweater tops, pair them up with pants, shorts or denim whatever you do make them delicate threadbare knits .

10. AH...what is a fashion season without the WHITES. One of the try outs for 2014 is keeping it fresh and white *winks

11. If they are wide, they are in trend. yes add extra room in your pants cos the wide pants made it back this year. hoorayyyy!

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