Wednesday, 8 January 2014


According to GMA News which was put out 4days ago, gave an insight of what is trending in hair and makeup come this 2014 and its simply Clean and Fresh all the way. Concerning hair and make up, keeping it clean and fresh is the advised way to go, its the new more edgier and sexier look for this season. A tip also from cele makeup artist Paolo Maranan, your focus when it comes to make up is you accentuating your eyes and lips.

Its said that another trend is actually the 'yun nga, Kohl eyeliner,(still looking into what that really is guys, will keep you posted) but this is what is advised “Two sweeps of inner liner na Kohl eyeliner, up and down. Then let it smudge. So it doesn't look that clean, but it's edgy, it's sexier.” Guess its the year of exploring so lets try it

Also when it comes to lips , gloss, shimmers, glitters should be left behind with 2013. Blush is still on but not so much of a highlight this year, its really more of the eyes and the lips...sounding like fun already. Also heavy foundation is a no no, mosturizing is adviced to be a big trend this year especially when getting that fresh look as the cornerstone of the fresh look is a flawless complextion.
When it comes to lip color this season radiant orchid and plum are the trending colours but keep in mind you have to find the best shade for you skin tone.
Radiant Orchid Lips

Plum Lips

Orange and Coral are best for dark skin while Matte and Red are the best bet for fair skin tones.

All in all, when it comes to colours, bright, electric shades of the 80s funk look is reportedly your best friend but pastels such as lavender, light pink, and light blue can still hold their own against the turning tides of style.

Now for hairstyle, according to chopped hairddos are what will be emerging on the scenes this year. The 70's style of short and textured style are making a comeback. There will be loads of shorter hair not that the long hair are going out just that they will be more of simple ponytails, braids also but this time coiled around the head like a crown.

So this is my thought, inspite of all these new emerging trends, i say you should try all the fun out of them and find whichever works for you and brings out your personality cause in life there are no clean cut rules to anything, so find the best you in 2014 and ROCK ON!!!...


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