Sunday, 12 February 2012


There were times when keeping it simple and small was the way foward in the fashion industry, not that simplcity isnt the ultimate fashion statement that can never go wrong, its just fashion has started embracing the ear of bold statements, everything is going from minimal to a big bang. Accessories just got added to that deparment, the cocktail rings are one of the fashion trend of 2012. Its original,bold,outrageous,oversized,over the top, not forgetting with elegant designs too.

Now they come in varity of bold styles, the ceramics and here is the one you'll love, with bling and yes the more bling the better.Its doesnt just stop there,you know how its bigger the better, one way to really go all out on this fashionable trend is to wear one on each hand, celebrities have been spotted wearing it this way. its just a trend that has been widely accepted and been rocked both on the re carpet and even for a night out.

Its also such a big bold fun ring, its a trend that brings out the girly side of you and if you still want to maintain the glam woman in you, then the cocktail bling rings are your best friend.Its perfect for most outing, so on a night out remember to flaunt a cocktail ring when you raise your glass for a sip or two, afterall its not called a cocktail ring for nothing.

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