Tuesday, 20 September 2011


One of the make up trend that is making a major waves these days is the "Smokey Eye" make up look. Everyone is spotted wearing them, celebrities, regular women because its a sexy look. worn on the runways, red carpets and most definitely on most nights out. Its found its way into loads of ladies hearts because, depending on how you wear it, it can be worn both night and day.

Just because its a classic the importance of mastering the art is extremely crucial, it has its dos and donts like so many other things, because you might go from trying to achieve the smokey look to either lookin like a crazy vamp girl or like you got mascara stains from tearing up if you are not careful.

So here is a basic way to start off with practising how to wear the look.



  1. Start off with a good eye concealer because it covers up any spot or blemish in that eye area to give it a clean clear eyelid and remember to always go with a shade lighter than your skin tone; a good coverage area is very important to achieve the Smokey Eye look. And just in the event that your eye area is stubborn advice is to swipe a small amount of liquid highlighter under your eyes and blend with a brush gently. Much practice will help you get a hang of it.
  2. Using a shimmer pearl eye shadow, from lash line to brow with an eye shadow brush, dust your whole eyelid evenly well. 
  3. The next step requires a black eye pencil, close to the lash line draw a line along the upper lashes, starting off thin at the inner corner of the eye and as you gently draw with the pencil, gradually make the line thicker as you work your way all the way out.
  4. On to the lower lashes, draw a thin line close to the lashes too all the way to one third of it or all the way to the inner corner, how best it suits your taste. Now another advice is , if your eyes are wide then you can draw the lines all the way in, but with space in between your eyes, only line around 1/3 of the way in will be the best bet as this will make them pop and look wider.
  5. With a black liquid liner, draw over the first line and the reasons are, it gives it a longer stay and it gives it a glossy finish.
  6. Now for the good Smokey eye look, using an eyeliner trace the glossy line with a dark grey eye shadow blending upwards into the crease. All you need do is make sure you check in stores for the best product that can achieve this look.
Top and bottom lashes should be coated with two coats of black mascara.

You can as well add a bit of dark eye color at the tip of the upper eye lid and gently, in a circle motion apply around that area, but you need to be careful not to circle it out of that portion and then you blend it in.

You don’t necessarily have to maintain black and grey colors for this look; it can be achieved by different colors as long as the prominent colors are in dark shades. A dab of white shadow to the inner corner of each eye, with the help of an eyeliner brush helps make the Smokey eye pop.
Some of the colors that can work other than black and grey are, shimmer blues and emerald greens, dark purples can also give the smoke eyes that sexy look.

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