Monday, 12 September 2011


Most of the time you hear modelling, you think, skinny, size zero girls. its been the norm over the years and if you arent skinny to the bones then you are definitely way out of your leauge when it comes to modelling. Well for the first time over 52years, Vogue Austrila features a plus size model in the september 2011 issue.

Well 21 years olg Robyn Lawlay who graced the front cover of French Elle,cover of Vogue Italia, that editorial she shot for Vogue Italia, the naked portrait of her that accompanied Glamour's "97% of Women Will Be Cruel To Their Bodies Today" article. The plus size model isnt exactly plus size, well not in retail, she actually wears a US size 12. Word is the model wasnt booked cause she was a plus size model but by the fact that the camera loves her and she takes beautiful wonderful photos.

If models who arent a size zero are being booked for editorials then definitely the modelling world isnt immume to change then, beauty does come in all shapes and sizes.

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