Monday, 12 September 2011


As you know fashion is all about the newst trends and whats has caught the general public's attention. admist all the new "IN's" in this fall/ summer season 2011. the "Beaded Collar" has been one fashion trend that fashion designers lik Mui Mui, Valentino and Givenchy have got celebs going gaga for. it has its way of adding sparke to a lady's outfit, the attitude shows by wearing the bling on your collar.

It diversity ranges from garnishing your collar with sequins, beaded sheath even pearls. for a look that is well polished, wear it with a blouse tucked into a well tailored pants or even a penciled skirt and for an offbeat look, layer it under a crew-neck sweater of sweatshirt, skinny jeans. they also can be see or added to nice dresses.

a peek look...

Even Natalie Portman is spotted in one as well...

so hurry now, they are in stores.


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