Sunday, 29 September 2013


So enough talk about getting style right for the curvy ladies, we've done quiet abit on the what and what nots to wear, the dos and don'ts to getting it right. How does that saying go again?..."The taste of the pudding is in the eating". You might be wandering where am I going with that? well let these looks help you identify your style. Love how these plus size women are taking style to new heights. Enjoy!

Friday, 27 September 2013


8. Foundation. Most women make the mistake when it comes to foundation, no matter how much you apply, its not going to look less terrible if you don't get the right colour. So the trick here is picking which blends not with your face...yes you heard me right but with you neck seeing that your neck doesn't get much sunlight compared to your face.

9. For the fuller lips...if its your preference, you would want to slightly line your lips outside its natural line. Now keep in mind the word SLIGHTLY, we don't want you over doing it now.

10. When it comes to the right eyebrow shape, well there isn't such thing as the right shape, it really just depends on understanding which best goes with your facial features. I use to think sharpening your eyebrows weren't a big deal or add to your beauty but it is the frame of your face and like contouring, it is said that every eyebrow and thickness soften your face.

11. Remember the mascara wand, well they are a lot useful even after drying up. No need to toss them away. You can wash and reuse them as eyebrow brushes and even to add abit colour to your eyebrows.

12. To make your lipstick last and to give you that matte look, after applying your coat place tissue over your lips and apply powder over it.

Thursday, 26 September 2013


So once again, I was surfing the net and yet again amazed at the secrets hidden in there. you will agree with me that when it comes to beauty it all has to do with secrets and tips, well I stumbled on quiet a lot and has time goes on I will be sharing all these secrets and boy are they a lot. You don't need to be a professional to master these trick its all in the finding of the right colours that are flattering to you, the right amount to add and the hows of applying them, your morning routine don't have to be long hours anymore or like some ladies I have found who go to the professional to get it done for them for every occasion they have, those days are so far gone.

1. Did you know using a plastic spoon, placing it under your lower eyelashes helps avoid that skin stain and proven to make the lashes appear thicker

2.Applying of blush is first being aware of the shape of your face. Not only does it add colour to your face, it also contours and accentuates your cheek bones.

3.Boy will you love this trick, your dried up mascara. We know that time when our mascara dries up and we pump it to get some of the mascara on the wand, well that's the one thing you aren't advised to do, it only gets more air into it. What you want to do is get the wand under warm water, pour or run warm water over it until the water runs clear, then place it back into the tube and rub it around. The water and heat softens the mascara liquid making it apply as if it were a brand new tube! MAGIC!!!

4.Because of so much lipsticks we wear the tendercy to get our lips dry are unavoidable, so what you need is to exfoliate your lips by using a soft brush, a baby toothbrush. Make this mix, sugar with coconut oil or apply lip balm/petrolum jelly before srubbing your likes with toothbrush, though lip balm is said not to be as effective as the mix.

5.For bigger eyes, you will need to own a white pencil, instead of lining your water line with dark pencil use the white pencil to create the illusion of bigger eyes.

6.Tightlining! It’s a way of applying your liner right in between your lashes. This is a great way to appear as though you’re not wearing any makeup at all, yet adding a little bit of colour and definition to your eyes, and making the base of your lashes appear thicker.

7. Making your eye shadow pop, has become very easy. for that eye color that looks so vibrant but when you apply it looks dull, well with white liner cover your entire eyelid before you apply your eye colours and see how they pop.

There you have it but not to worry more tricks sooner that you can possibly imagine...xoxo

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Now for those who didn't know, i'm a huge Rihanna fan. I make it a priority to follow her success and career cos it inspires me. Rihanna commonly known as RiRi, in june launched her summer retro matte "RiRi Heart Mac Collection" beauty product. It included punchy lipsticks and shimmery bronzer, One of her popular beauty brand was the "RiRiWoo lipstick" which was reported to have sold out under 3 hours after being put on shelves...we do love us our RiRi(lol), Also to that was the addition of 2 shades The Berry coloured Heaux and the lovely Lavender RiRi Boy hue.

It was reported that after the success of her summer collection, RiRi and Mac will be creating a new falls collection, so more goodies just a few days away. As it is reported that her beauty glow will include a rose gold liquid bronzer with a powder blush duo. All of this will be out October 3rd 2913, so be sure to be expecting a wide range of 20 fabulous products from eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras coupled with her signature lipsticks, if you are a fan you can't have missed her wearing some of these shades on pics she frequently posts on instagram.

So Last night RiRi Posted these pictures on instagram, so I though lets share once again...winks

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


So, just as I was about calling it a night last night I stumbled on a movie shot in the 80's, ordinarily I will never be drawn to its old picture production but it being centred around the fashion scene and being a true lover of style, my eyes became fixated. It was a move about the chaos surrounding fashion week sometime tat year, the fashion, style, glitz and glam was so intriguing to me. My curiosity ran wild.

After this movie, back in the days when the A lines, the Pleats and the Puff skirts were so in, it hit me- there were some style now that were worn proudly back then. Only goes to show how even over decades past some styles aren't ever going to be extinct. Yes now you go shopping for the skinny jeans, the wedges and the cropped tops and so on but these timeless trends are still and should be found in your closets.

So here are timeless trends every woman shouldn't be without. Basically the BASICS of style. And for you that already know, there's always room for reminding...winks

1. The LBD
if you remember when I blogged about the LWDs being the new LBDs, well I also clarified that has much has the white dresses are in now the LBD will always be a classic. Not only is it timeless its appropriated for all functions and any time of the year. What takes it from one era to another is what you throw on it and what you pair with it that might be trending at any moment.

2. The White Shirt
its is what it is, its white allowing you to work whatever style you want on it. There isn't anything your white shirts cant work with, it has the ability to go from an official look to a classy sophisticated look, paring them with pearls to a laid back look when you team it up with denim.

3.The Classy Handbag
Your handbag speaks a lot about you, its being said to give a woman a powerful look...depending on how structured it is. As a woman myself, I know when we chicks are sizing each other up, we tend to never miss accessing that bag. so it counts, get a neutral colour that will go with anything you throw on, amidst all the colours we have to choose from a black and brown bag is a must.

4. Chic Wallet
oh yes even the wallet. We always have to pay for one thing or the other and you cant be all glitz on the outside and the inside don't meet the same standard. keep it clean, simple and classy.

5. Timepiece
when it comes to wristwatches its advised, forget the trend and invest in a timeless classic timepiece. look for what matches your personality

6. Scarves
its soooo ladylike, get a wide range of this, you'll never regret it. it also gives that vintage look.

7. Classic black heels
you should own that one black heels or two that gives you that comfort. A classic heel that you could walk in all day long and looks great.

8. Denim that fits...PERFECTLY
i'll go into it straight, a perfect jeans lifts and supports. if the back pockets ends just above the top of your tight, then it fits. once you find one that fits, try sitting down, if your butt crack is peeking out, please it don't fit.

9. Black Pants Suit
This is a classic cause you can wear it as a one piece together or apart, its a versatile ensemble. pick whatever time of the day and its one number that fits ...any occasion. what you pair it with determines where you wear it to. Play wit it, pants worn on its own as well as throwing the jacket over a dress, denim or skirts.

10. The Wrap Dress
its it ability to flatter the softness of a woman and how it slims the waist that puts this on the list. Dress it up with heels or dress it down with sandals or flats, this is why its timeless,

11. The Breton stripe Shirt
Now with this, its got to be top quality goes when you are looking to project a strong sophisticated look or with denim for a more relaxed look.

So there you have it...TIMELESS Trends.